Try our Wildly Fun flavors & Scents

Wildly Fun Flavors & Scents

Nature provides good ingredients that your skin can absorb and use to heal and repair itself.


Flavored Lip Balms with Lollipop flavoring and essential oils.

With 68+ Flavors you’re sure to find the perfect treat for your lips. The more you use our balm the less you need it. The naturals oils can be absorbed by the skin to heal and repair itself.

We even have Wildly fun flavors that Adult Lips will enjoy.


Luxe Natural Soap made with Cocoa, Shea and Mango Butters.

Our hand-crafted soaps made with natural fruit butters and oils create a rich & creamy lather sure to give you a luxurious experience.


Grizzly Goo Chin Tin, beard and aftershave balm for the hair that's there and the skin that's bare.

Our Beard & Aftershave Balm is “Good for the hair that’s there or the skin that’s bare.”

We use our signature ingredients to create a balm that makes a great conditioner or moisturizer.


Handmade Sugar Scrub made with natural and ECOCERT/COSMOS ingredients.

Our Emulsified Sugar Scrubs are a great way to pamper yourself. We use specific ingredients to be gentle and natural to aid in beauty and healthy by removing dead skin cells, lifting away dirt and excess oil, as well as stimulating circulation.


Cocoa Lotion Bar is a solid melt to the touch lotion bar made with cocoa butter.

What a wonderful precious bar inside a strong versatile tin. This little bar may look like soap, but it is a creamy cocoa butter treat for your hands, cuticles, feet & heels. It is solid at room temperature but melts to your touch into a silken lotion that absorbs quickly and nurtures your active hands with natural fruit butters and fruit oils.


gentle product for my face and body that does not irritate the sensitive skin around my eyes.

Our gentle lotions are formulated for face and body as not to irritate the sensitive skin, especially around your eyes. We use EcoCert & COSMOS approved ingredients to keep our products natural, yet produce the results you desire.


Handmade Natural Soap with Spa ingredients like Dead Sea Salt, Kelp powder, Jojoba meal, & ground luffa

Our “Spa” line incorporates ingredients found in Spas and other body pampering type products. Exfoliating soaps with additional ingredients like Charcoal, Dead Sea Salts, Himalayan Pink Salt, Sea Kelp, Rose Clay, French Clay, etc.


Happy Tat Essential oil Tattoo care balm can give your Ink the drink it deserves.

Give your Ink a Drink! Enjoy the silky texture of our Mango, Shea & Cocoa Butters blended with Coconut Oil and infused with a custom Essential Oil blend.

“Be the change you want to see in this world.”


About Us

We are a mother & daughter team that love to cook up new ideas with our creativity for skin care & crafts.

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