Trish Riley

Trish Riley

is our owner and founder. She started all this quite by accident. That sounds funny, but it’s true. In 2016, the opportunity seemed to present itself and she made the leap and started formulating lip balms.

Trish cooks up skin care to address problems with her skin, which has been a struggle since she was young.

Her Psoriasis started in her youth in the form of dry, itchy skin with red dots and bumps. Various products ingredients would leaving red blotchy skin which felt uncomfortable and made her very conscience of the appearance of her skin. Even basic hand creams would sting her chapped skin and not bring relief.

As a young adult, her condition progressed into a bout with Guttate Psoriasis, leaving strange sores visible on her arms and legs, which caused people to be afraid that her condition might be contagious.

Purchasing makeup was frustrating, not to mention expensive, as most eye makeup would itch or cause her eyes to water.

Trish had to be her own detective and read labels and try what seemed to be a billion products only to find little success in her own skin. Over the years, with trial and error, she found some success with raw ingredients or products with limited ingredients.

In 2016, she took matters into her own hands and started formulating her own products from raw, natural ingredients. She formulates for herself and her family and has found that others can benefit from her creations, as well.

Her condition has now advanced to Psoriatic Arthritis which can make daily tasks difficult. She works full time and has good and bad days, but she operates the website, creates products and attends events in the community.

Anna Riley

Anna Riley

is the namesake for Buttercup Balm, Trish’s daughter and partner in Buttercup Balm.

Anna is the sounding board for Trish’s ideas and creations. Anna has no problem shooting down ideas that are just too crazy, and critiquing formulas and helping Trish to shape her visions.

Anna helps behind the scenes, and has grown with her public speaking at events around town.

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