Christmas 2021 at Kings Dominion Winterfest

This Season at Kings Dominion Winterfest was so enjoyable! It was great to be out at an event with other people again. Sharing my excitement with others about skin care was energizing for me.

One of my favorite parts of being at events are previous customers who return to stock up on their favorites. Hearing their excitement is contagious because I feel the same way about my creations.

Another part I love is watching people’s reactions… when we tell them we have over 68 flavors of lip balm.

The reaction when they try our sample and realize it is different than other balms and chap sticks they have tried, is glorious for me.

The knowing nod you see as they mash their lips together says, this is my new favorite thing. The moment when new customers drag their friends and family over and say, “This is the stuff I was telling you about. “

In writing this, I realized there are so many moments at events that I love and take a mental snap shot of the moment, “This is why I do this. “

So I will look forward to seeing you again. I will continue to look forward to your stories and feed back. I will continue to shock and surprise you with new and exciting flavors.

I hope you will remember to like and share our posts and tell your friends about those 68 flavors of lip balm over at ButtercupBalm.com

I wish you much joy and happiness in the new year.

Expecting more…

I am not so great at blogging. I tried for a while but found that there was more I needed to actually do than talk about. But then I realized, when I talked to people in person at events, there was plenty I had to say, and lots of questions from customers.

One of the things I have learned since I started Buttercup Balm in 2016 is that all lip balm flavors are not created equal. In searching for the right flavors for our lip balms there were many option, but not many that met my expectations. I have learned over the years that many cosmetic suppliers have a lot of flavors that they say are safe for lips, but they specify, DO NOT INGEST.

That kind of blows my mind. Lip Balm is a product that goes on your lips. It’s a product that you will end up licking, and thus end up ingesting. This does not meet my expectations, because it seems ridiculous.

So when selecting my ingredients, I chose to use flavoring that is edible. It is a formulation used in making candy and is meant to be edible. This candy flavoring meets my expectations while also being approved by the FDA for food use.

In making products for myself and my family, I have found that others also enjoy the products that I make. If you have not had the opportunity to try Buttercup Balm Lip balms, I would encourage you to give us a try.

Got to start somewhere…

I am learning I need to create content. Apparently, people will want to know and learn different things about me and my company.

We got started in 2016. I tried blogging back then but didn’t really keep up with it. I have many varied interests.

Jack of all trades, master of none, is a comment I have heard for many years. When I want to learn something, I start reading about it. Either in a book or on the web.

I have been a label reader for several years, both for food and skin care. While I love my junk food, and comfort food, I don’t want any “junk” in my skin care.

So I choose ingredients that are pure or raw to work with. I avoid substances that are other than natural. I avoid artificial preservatives. I make and use these products on myself first. So you can bet I am not using any questionable ingredients on myself.